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Kris Humphries ethnicity

What is Kris Humphries ethnicity?
I Think he is ethnicity white.
Race and background, Kim Kardashian ethnicity Parents ethnicity.

*** Mini Biography ***
Kris Nathan Humphries (born February 6, 1985 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is a professional basketball player who is currently a member of the NBA's New Jersey Nets.
kris humphries and kim kardashian

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Look at those lips and nose he is black darlings.. Just the way kim likes em..

nah she dates white boys 2, Gabriel Aubry, he's a blonde
plus those lips often seen on white men darling
oh yeah, and her ex Ray J had a SMALL D*CK! whole world saw that ;) probably not the way she likes em..

Thankyou person above me. duh people! lol he's black you can't tell? cause he's light skinned????

Please show me another black person male or female with that kind of hair and eyes! He is at the very least bi-racial.

He is half black, half white.

His dad is mixed (black and white) and his mom is white.

You're HALF right.

Kris Humphries is biracial. His mom is white and his dad is black.

Congrats to him and Kim by the way :)

hes BOTH. he has a black father white mother

His father is African American!!!

Shes a whore asshole DONT DO IT HANGOVER !!!!

Kris Humphries is biracial. His mother is Caucasian and his father is African-American.

Biracial father (black/white) and a white mother. So technically he is 25% black.

Is this all y'all have to talk about???

He is Mulatto. That means half white and half black. The article says his dad is African American and his mom is Caucasian. People who have one parent that is African American are only half of that race. I think it is very ignorant for people to label a person something that only one of their parents are just because of a darker complexion. That is so racist. What if he was half white and half Mexican? He would be just that, half of each.

OK people.... Kris is Black. His Father William Humphries is African American and his Mother Debra is white. He's technically Bi-Racial, but Unfortunately, in this country that makes you Black. The truth is that many African Americans have lighter eyes or straighter hair and nearly all African Americans are somewhat mixed. You people who think Kris is white because of eye color and hair texture are easily fooled and you know nothing about genetics. Genetics are limitless! See Kris's Dad below. And Kris with Dad, Mom and Sister. SURPRISE!!!

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William Humphries (Kris's Dad)

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Kris Humphries with Sister Kaela, Dad William and Mom Debra.

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I think it's really stupid that people even care what race he is. I thought one of the great things about more and more biracial people being born and getting married themselves is that it can help eventually lead us to a time when race no longer matters because everyone is mixed and skin tone and features will no longer clearly dictate a person's race. Unfortunately we have people who want to label Kris as "black" (even though he's 75% white!) or "white" (clearly ignoring the heritage of one of his grandparents!). We also saw this when Obama was running for President with people saying he wasn't "black enough" (when his dad was Kenyan and dark skinned) or that he was "too ethnic" (when his mom was your typical European descendent white female). It's all nonsense. Kim's Armenian in heritage so is she considered "white" or "black"?? When she and Kris have kids they will only be 1/8 (12.5%) African American which is so small a percentage that most people would label them "white", yet Kim's naturally dark complexion will probably result in dark skinned, brown eyed children who don't look "white" (and I'm sure they will be gorgeous kids too). So are you going to try to continue to find racial labels to stick on their children?? If so, that's really sad and it shows that with every step we've made to try to achieve Dr. King's dream of racial harmony, we continue to keep pushing society backwards.

To whoever is silly enough to believe that a person's features can be used to determine race: have you seen Rashida Jones (she played Karen on "The Office" and is now on "Parks and Recreation")? She looks 100% white and often plays white characters in movies and tv shows, but she's the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton and considers herself black (or at least she did at one time when she was a member of several black student organizations at Harvard). What she illustrates is that "Caucasian" or "African" features mean nothing. There's been cases where a seemingly "white" couple have a child who's born looking "black" only to later discover (after probably many accusations of cheating) that one of the parents have black ancestors.

Most of these comments are racist and ridiculous. It is clear so many white people have still not evolved yet, what r u on planet of the apes dude? And to say cuz u have nice hair or pretty eyes u can't be black is so ignorant and racist. I wish I could introduce u to my 100% black cousin who has hazel eyes and hair straighter than any white girl or her mom who has green eyes, stupid F*CK! And no you can't tell someones race by features or lookin at them all the time. Cuz for my 30yrs on this earth I've only be asked if I'm puerto rican, dominican, phillipino, or asian mix. But I'm half black and half italian. I have asian lookin eyes, asain type very very light skin, but domican jet black spiral curled longass hair. I don't look italian at all or black at all. I don't even look mulatto at all, no one ever thinks I am. So I fool everyone every time. I've even been asked if I'm mexican, and told I look like selena RIP. So shutup racist assholes. And for the record he's equal 50% white and 50% black. So all the white ppl trying to make a huge point that he's only 12 or 25% cuz he has nice hair and is light be quiet. Any black person has the chance to be light or have european features because unless u right outta africa most likey our black ancestors were raped by their slave masters. EVOLVE PEOPLE & GROW UP!

Nicky nice is retarded.


If the people you hung out with were half way smart, Nicky nice, then they'd realize you're nit Hispanic by looking at you.

Kris is really handsome, why? BECAUSE HE'S MIXED!!!!! Ohhh my goodness, WHAT??! He's mixed??!??! No way! There's no way were allowed to sit here and appreciate that the white and the black sides of his family made him this handsome! He got lucious lips, white people dream about having them, I'd love to get naturally plump lips but white people usually have to resort to lip venom type of crap or Botox. He has fair skin, with a hint of chestunt in his skin tone, it's beautiful. "Thank you mom, I love that you gave me your fair skin, but thank you too dad, for not leaving me hangin with the kind of pale skin that blinds people and burns easily. "

Is there really anything wrong with any of this?

Race is a complex subject in this country. He's a Mulatto. I'm Half Dominican and Half Italian and I fool everybody too because they always confused me with an Indian or somebody from the Middle East. This guy is just like Alex Rodriguez, Vanessa Williams and yes, Rashida Jones (who only dated so far white guys, because even if she says that she's black, we don't believe it because she doesn't look like a black person and that's it). The white classification for 1/4 1/2 still exist but nobody cares in this generation because it really doesn't matter. For me this guy is not a black person, cannot represent even a black character in a Historical movie or series like "Roots".

He has to respect both heritages, like me, you like or not, I feel more white than Dominican because I grow up in a house full with white Italian people. You all can be upset but he's not black and he's not white, he is something else, he's a mulatto (which is a huge spectrum of colors and shades). USA will start using this classification very soon because the population is checking in different Races when they have to file forms and applications. Sooner or later in this country you will see classifications like Mulattoes, Mestizos like you see in Europe or Latin America. USA will use these classifications, like NO White for Latinos, Black and Asian because they are a lot of bi-racial marriages; they have a lot immigrations from Latin America where the mix races, mestizos and mulattoes is something that for centuries have been something accepted.

Jenny... you just said (wrote) what's really important... he's genetic cocktail made he attractive... this my case too, mixed race people bring a lot attention... people forget that Mariah is a mixed race girl(Father is a Mulatto from Venezuela, Mother American from Irish heritage) has even that prodigious voice maybe because this mixed... people like labels, so be it, who cares, she's hot, Kris is so important that we are writing about him here; me and my brothers? we are rainbow kids, hope this will be the race of the future :)

Google "Octoroon". Which states that if you have at the least 1/8th Black aka "negro" you are considered a Black. This means, that if he marries white, then his child marries white, than that child marries white...that's how many times it will take before he can be called "white" "white man laws" long ago when whites wanted to keep segregated. This has never been updated, and note...there is no race called "mixed"... on application you are only allowed to choose 1 race. Whites considered any other race (i.e. Black, Hispanic decents)...or less dominating races other than white... than that person would be considered that less dominent race. Kris is Black, his daddy is black... and his mama is white. It's the white man's law, they have decided this long ago. Look up "Plessey vs. Ferguson".

Kris is biracial the term Mulatto denotes a mule that's what the word Mulatto means it should not be used to describe a person.

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