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Albert Hughes ethnicity

Albert Hughes ethnicity is Black / African American.

Albert Hughes was born in Detroit, MI on 01-Apr-1972.
Age:  39


    Brother: Allen Hughes. Twin brother; co-directs and produces with Albert
    Mother: Aida Hughes. Armenian; took children and left husband when the boys were two; raised her sons alone while putting herself through school and starting her own business, a vocational rehabilitation company; gave her sons their first video camera at age 12


    Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles , California, Film


    1981 Moved with mother and brother to Pomona, CA, when they were nine
    1984 Received first video camera at age 12 and began making short films with his brother
    1993 Made feature debut as director, producer and story writer (all shared with brother Allen), Menace II Society ; earned an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best First Feature
    1993 With brother Allen, co-founded a the Rap/R&B record label, Underworld Records
    1995 Co-directed second film with brother Allen, Dead Presidents
    1999 Co-directed with brother Allen, the documentary film American Pimp, about the underground pimp culture and exploitation of women; premiered at Sundance
    2001 Co-directed the film adaptation of Alan Moore s graphic novel, From Hell, about the Jack the Ripper murders in England; starred Johnny Depp and Heather Graham
    2004 Executive produced a several episodes of the American version of Touching Evil on the USA Network; brother Allen directed
    2010 Re-teamed with brother Allen to direct the post-apocalyptic drama, Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington
    Co-directed (with brother Allen) music videos for rap artists Tone Loc and Tupac Shakur
    When asked to make a How To film for a school assignment, they complied the short film, How to Be a Burglar

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