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Shakira ethnicity

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll ethnicity is Hispanic - Middle Eastern. Shakira nationality is from Colombian.
- Mini Biography -

Shakira De La Rua is a 34 years old Basketball player from United States.
She was born in Barranquilla, Colombia under the name Shakira Mebarak.
Shakira's birthday is February 2, 1977 & Her star sign is Aquarius.
Her height is 159 cm, She has a Dyed Blonde hair & Brown - Dark Eyes.
Shakira De La Rua's build is Slim. Shakira ethnicity. She religion is deist.

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Awesum pics.thanks for sharing.

A deist? Interesting. There aren't so many deists around anymore due to the fact that science has increasingly made a belief in a deity that is real--yet completely absent from our lives--less tempting to many people. However, I suppose a great many folks are deists by behavior if not by conviction.

Wrong. Shakira's nationality is Colombian. She is ethnically Lebanese.

Actually you are half right. She's Colombian. She considered herself as Latina of European Heritage. Her mother is Colombian half Catalan Spanish and half Italian and her father is American of Lebanese ancestry. She's Fluent in Portuguese, Italian, and English, in addition to Spanish. Spanish is her first language and Colombian Culture is her culture (This make her Hispanic). Her Lebanese grandmother taught her the art of Arabian Belly Dancing so she can stay true to her middle eastern roots and this is practically the only thing that makes her get fan in the middle east... besides that she's Latina, like any Colombian, Venezuelan, Peruvian, Argentinean, Brazilian from European Heritage.

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