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Justin Bieber ethnicity

What is Justin Bieber ethnicity?
Justin Bieber ethnicity is White - French and German.
Full name's:Justin Drew Bieber
Justin Bieber was born in Ontario, Canada in March 1, 1994 so he is 17 years old. His height is 173 cm. He has brown dark eye and brown light hair. His religion is Christian. Justin Bieber nationality is Canadian.
Who is Justin Bieber dating?
Selena Gomez
Father: Jeremy Bieber (b. circa 1973)
Mother: Patricia Mallette ("Pattie", web designer, b. circa 1974, div. 1997)
Sister: Jazmyn Bieber (half-sister, b. 2008 to Jeremy Bieber's second wife)
Brother: Jaxon Bieber (half-brother, b. 2009 to Jeremy Bieber's second wife)
Girlfriend: Jasmine Villegas (pop singer, b. 7-Dec-1993, dated 2010)
Girlfriend: Selena Gomez (actress, dated 2010-)

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Friday, March 4, 2011

(Carlos Irwin Estévez) Charlie Sheen ethnicity

Charlie Sheen ethnicity is Galician Spanish, Irish and Scottish - White.
Carlos Irwin Estevez (born September 3, 1965), better known by his stage name Charlie Sheen, is an American film and television actor. He is the youngest son of actor Martin Sheen.

He is 46 years old. His height is 171 cm.
Father: Martin Sheen (actor, b. 3-Aug-1940)
Mother: Janet Sheen (artist)
Brother: Emilio Estevez (actor, b. 12-May-1962)
Brother: Ramon Estevez (actor, b. 3-Aug-1963)
Sister: Renee Estevez (actress, b. 2-Apr-1967)
Girlfriend: Robin Wright Penn (actress, dated 1981)
Girlfriend: Paula Proffit (high school girlfriend, dated 1983-84, one daughter)
Daughter: Cassandra Sheen (b. 12-Dec-1984 with Proffit)
Girlfriend: Valerie Barnes (model, dated 1986)
Girlfriend: Dolly Fox (dated and cohabited, 1985-87)
Girlfriend: Kelly Preston (actress, dated and engaged 1988-90)
Girlfriend: Ginger Lynn (actress, dated intermittently 1990-96)
Wife: Donna Peele (model, m. 3-Sep-1995, div. 19-Nov-1996)
Girlfriend: Brittany Ashland (pxxn actress, b. 1972, dated 1996)
Wife: Denise Richards (actress, m. 15-Jun-2002, sep. 2005, div. 17-Nov-2006, two daughters)
Daughter: Sam Sheen (b. 9-Mar-2004)
Daughter: Lola Rose Sheen (b. 1-Jun-2005)
Wife: Brooke Mueller (real estate agent, a/k/a "Brooke Allen", "Brooke Wolofsky", m. 30-May-2008, sep. 2010, two sons)
Son: Max (twin, b. 14-Mar-2009)
Son: Bob (twin, b. 14-Mar-2009)
Girlfriend: Christina Walsh (pxxn actress, p/k/a Capri Anderson, together 2010-)
Charlie Sheen Filipino
Charlie Sheen Biography
Is Charlie Sheen Hispanic

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Bruno Mars ethnicity

Bruno Mars ethnicity is Puerto Rican and Filipino - White.
What is bruno mars race?

Peter Gene Hernandez
Bruno Mars was born in Waikiki, Hawaii in October 8, 1986.
what is bruno mars real name: Peter Gene Hernandez. He is nationality is Hawaian.
That's where he started singing, and he grew up in a musical family. He is also Hawaiian.

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Johnny Deep ethnicity

Johnny Depp ethnicity is German, English, Irish, French, African and Cherokee - White - Multiracial.
He is full name's: John Christopher Depp II.
Other name's:Mr. Stench, Colonel
Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA in 9-Jun-1963 so he is 48 years old.
He is nationality American. His height is 177 cm.
***His Family***
Father: John Christopher Depp, Sr. (public engineer)
Mother: Betty Sue Wells (waitress)

John Christopher Depp II
Brother: Daniel P. Depp
Sister: Christie Dembrowski (b. 1961, Depp's personal manager)
Sister: Debbie
Wife: Lori Anne Allison (makeup artist, m. 1983, div. 1985)
Girlfriend: Sherilyn Fenn (together late 980s, broken engagement)
Girlfriend: Winona Ryder (together 1990-93, broken engagement)
Girlfriend: Jennifer Grey (together mid-1990s, broken engagement)
Girlfriend: Kate Moss (together 1995-97, broken engagement)
Girlfriend: Vanessa Paradis (singer, b. 22-Dec-1972, cohabited since 1998, two children)
Daughter: Lily-Rose Melody Depp (b. 27-May-1999)
Son: John Christopher "Jack" Depp III (b. 9-Apr-2002)

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Zendaya Coleman ethnicity ethnic background

Zendaya Coleman ethnicity is African American , Dutch.
She was born in Oakland, California U.S.A. in September 1, 1996 so she 15 years old.
The Sweet actress so cute:)

Zendaya Coleman
Zendaya Coleman weight is 50 kg. Her height is 170 cm. Race:White...

2010–present Shake It Up! Raquel "Rocky" Blue Lead role
2009 Kidz Bop: 'Hot n Cold' "Kidz Bop" dancer Music video

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jurnee Smollett ethnicity

Jurnee Smollett

What is Jurnee Smollett ethnicity?
Jurnee Smollett ethnicity is Black - African American - Multiracial.
Jurnee Smollett was born in New York City, New York in 1 October, 1986. So she is 25 years old.
Jurnee Diana Smollett has brown light eye and hair. She height is 170 cm. The actress nationality is American.
•••Her Family•••
Brother: Jussie Smollett (b. 21-Jun-1983)
Brother: Jake Smollett
Sister: Jazz
Brother: Jocqui
Brother: Jojo
/mixed with/

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