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Selena Gomez ethnicity

Selena Marie Gomez ethnicity, heritage, race, religion, ethics, hair and eye color, background, weight and height.
- Mini Biography -
Selena Gomez is a 19 years old Actress from United States.
He was born in Grand Prairie, Texas under the name Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez style images
Selena Gomez's birthday is July 22, 1992 & His star sign is Cancer.
His height is 5' 6" (168 cm), He has a Black hair & Brown - Dark Eyes.
Selena Gomez's build is Slim.
High School:Home Schooled
Father: Adam Gomez
Mother: Laura
Sister: Alexis
Sister: Kelly
Boyfriend: Nick Jonas (performer, dated 2009)
Boyfriend: Justin Bieber (singer, dated 2010-)

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Selena is an only child and the parents' names are wrong

how do you know all this stuff? Are you a stalker or something?!

You called her "He" every time you referred to her.

She is Mexican. A total beaner.

Referring to Selena as a beaner sounds derogatory. So many Americans have Mexican ancestry and comments such as those keep the Americans divided as no other country.

I hope Selena remains true to who she is. Selena deserves our respect and best wishes. God Bless you Selena.

She's the best, so beautiful and Sexy, I love her!!!

Her hair is dark brown not black

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