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Bruno Mars ethnicity

Bruno Mars ethnicity is Puerto Rican and Filipino - White.
What is bruno mars race?

Peter Gene Hernandez
Bruno Mars was born in Waikiki, Hawaii in October 8, 1986.
what is bruno mars real name: Peter Gene Hernandez. He is nationality is Hawaian.
That's where he started singing, and he grew up in a musical family. He is also Hawaiian.

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I SCREAMED WHEN I HEARD U WERE GOING 2 BE ON AMERICAN IDOL. NO JOKE... I WAS SAD ABOUT STEFANO LEAVING AND I WANTED 2 CRY BUT THEN THEY SAID "bruno mars is preforming next show!" and i went "AHHH! BRUNO.......MARRSSSS!!!!!!!" and my dad just sat there like "ohhh.....myyyyyyy" AND I JUST KEPT FREAKIN OUT!!!!!!

I am the #1 Bruno mars fan!!!!! 1 of my friends @ my party said Bruno mars sucked and I grabbed a flip flop and chased her arond my backyard and even over like 5 chairs!!!!! That same friend has these 3D glasses missing the lences and she said they were hotter than his fedora so the rest of the week at school she wore the glasses and I wore the fedora and we ran around the hole skool sayin "fedora or glasses, fedora or glasses!!!!!!!"

Nationality isn't a race. Which means his nationality isn't Hawaiian. He was born in America. Hawaii to be exact. Hawaii is part of the United States. His ethnic background is puerto rican and filipino. Born in Honolulu not Waikiki. There is no hospital in Waikiki.

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