Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marilyn Monroe ethnicity

Marilyn Monroe ethnicity is White - Norwegian, Scottish, Irish, English.
Norma Jeane Mortensen was born in 1 June, 1926 in Los Angeles, CA.
Date of Death:5 August, 1962
Location of Death:Bentwood , Los Angeles, California

Cause of Death:Drug overdose
The Blonde Bombshell religion is Christian Science.
Father: Martin Edward Mortensen (paternity uncertain)
Mother: Gladys Pearl Baker (b. 24-May-1902, d. 11-Mar-1984)
Sister: Berneice Baker (half-sister, from mother's first marriage, to Jack Baker)
Brother: Hermitt Jack (half-brother, from mother's first marriage, to Jack Baker)
Father: Charles Stanley Gifford (paternity uncertain, b. 1898, mother's lover c. 1926, d. 1965)
Husband: James Dougherty (m. 19-Jun-1942, div. 13-Sep-1946, d. 15-Aug-2005)
Husband: Joe DiMaggio (m. 14-Jan-1954, div. 27-Oct-1954)
Husband: Arthur Miller (m. 29-Jun-1956, div. 24-Jan-1961)
Slept with: Robert F. Kennedy
Slept with: John F. Kennedy (unproven)
Slept with: Joan Crawford (unproven)
Slept with: Tony Curtis (1958, during filming of Some Like It Hot)
Boyfriend: Jorge Guinle (d. 2004)

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