Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nicolas Cage ethnicity

Nicolas Cage ethnicity is White - Italian and German.
Full original real name's:Nicholas Kim Coppola
He was born in Long Beach, California, USA in January 7, 1964)
First Name Meaning: Victorious People, Conqueror
Last Name Meaning: One who always wore a cap (Coppola); One who came from or lived near a prison (Cage)
His religion is Roman Catholic. The Actor nationality is United States.

Father: August Coppola (professor of literature, brother of Francis Ford Coppola, d. 27-Oct-2009)
Mother: Joy Vogelsang (dancer, choreographer)
Girlfriend: Jenny Wright (actress, dated two years)
Girlfriend: Uma Thurman (actress, dated 1980s)
Girlfriend: Kristen Zang (model, dated 1992-94)
Girlfriend: Christina Fulton (actress, dated 1991)
Son: Weston Coppola Cage (b. 1992, with Fulton)
Wife: Patricia Arquette (actress, m. 8-Apr-1995, div. 18-May-2001)
Wife: Lisa Marie Presley (celebrity, dated 2001-02, m. 10-Aug-2002, div. 25-Nov-2002)
Wife: Alice Kim Cage (waitress, b. 1985, m. 20-Jul-2004)
Son: Kal-el Coppola Cage (b. 3-Oct-2005, with Kim)

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