Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jennifer Aniston ethnicity

What ethnicity is Jennifer Aniston?
Jennifer Aniston ethnicity is White - Greek, Scottish, Italian, English.

Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, California, USA in 11-Feb-1969. Her nationality is United States. The actor age's: 42
Father: John Aniston (actor, b. 24-Jul-1933)
Mother: Nancy Dow (author, b. 22-Jul-1936)
Boyfriend: Charlie Schlatter (actor, ex-)
Boyfriend: Jon Stewart (comic, one date in 1994)
Boyfriend: Adam Duritz (musician, Counting Crows; together 1990s)
Boyfriend: Tate Donovan (actor, together mid-1990s)
Boyfriend: Paul Rudd (actor, together 1998)
Husband: Brad Pitt (actor, dated 1999-2000, m. 29-Jul-2000, div. 2-Oct-2005)
Boyfriend: Vince Vaughn (actor, together 2005-06)
Boyfriend: John Mayer (musician, together 2007-09)
Boyfriend: Gerard Butler (actor, together 2009-)

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