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Ethnicity vs Race

Ehnicity vs race vs nih census hispanic culture...

Ethnicity vs Race?
Ethnicity:Has the potential to be a better predictor of human behavior.
- defined by a sense of shared experience and peoplehood, defined by a unique socio-cultural
heritage that is transmitted across generations.
- Similar to culture, though more context specific. E.g. there are many ethnicitys contained within a
Race:Race is not an empirically derived concept; rather it is socially constructed
- There is no genetic basis for mutually exclusive racial categories, simply because features and
characteristics are distributed along a continuous distribution.
-There is more variation within a group than between groups
75 % of all known genes are present in all people
25% remaining differ in their forms, but all forms are found in all groups.
- Supported by the results of the Human Genome Project

A factor in this debate about race vs ethnicity, that is common to both, is the ability to transcend religious barriers. While you may be born Christian, it is not essential that you may follow all the religious traditions that a Christian does. This is true to both race and ethnicity. Thus, in this argument about ethnicity vs race, we can see that one cannot clearly differentiate the two, and their definitions often overlap each other. While a race and an ethnic group can be similar, as is clear from the example mentioned above, races adapt to the ethnicity of the region they belong to. The only prime distinguishing characteristic is the physical appearance vs the customs and traditional beliefs that define race and ethnicity respectively. 

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