Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg was born in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, USA on June 5th, 1971.
Age's: 40
Nationality: American
Religion: Roman Catholic
Height: 172 cm

Mark Wahlberg ethnicity (ethnic background) is Swedish, Irish, English, French Canadian.

Mark Wahlberg net worth 2011 (forbes): 170 Million Dolars

The Fighter (10-Dec-2010) · Micky Ward
    The Other Guys (6-Aug-2010) · Terry Hoitz

Mark Wahlberg
    Date Night (6-Apr-2010) · Holbrooke
    The Lovely Bones (24-Nov-2009) · Jack Salmon
    Max Payne (15-Oct-2008)
    The Happening (11-Jun-2008)
    We Own the Night (25-May-2007)
    Shooter (23-Mar-2007)
    The Departed (4-Oct-2006)
    Invincible (25-Aug-2006)
    Four Brothers (12-Aug-2005)
    I Heart Huckabees (10-Sep-2004)
    Overnight (12-Jun-2003) · Himself
    The Italian Job (30-May-2003)
    The Truth About Charlie (16-Oct-2002)
    America: A Tribute to Heroes (21-Sep-2001) · Himself
    Rock Star (4-Sep-2001)
    Planet of the Apes (27-Jul-2001)
    The Perfect Storm (26-Jun-2000)
    The Yards (27-Apr-2000)
    Three Kings (27-Sep-1999)
    The Corruptor (11-Feb-1999)
    The Big Hit (24-Apr-1998) · Melvin Smiley
    Boogie Nights (8-Oct-1997)
    Traveller (8-Mar-1997)
    Fear (12-Apr-1996) · David McCall
    The Basketball Diaries (21-Apr-1995)
    Renaissance Man (3-Jun-1994)
    The Substitute (22-Sep-1993)

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