Monday, September 12, 2011

Allen Hughes ethnicity

Allen Hughes ethnicity is Black / African American.

Born: 01-Apr-1972
Birthplace: Detroit, MI

  • Brother: Albert Hughes. Twin brother; co-directs and produces with Allen
  • Mother: Aida Hughes. Armenian; took children and left husband when the boys were two; raised her sons alone while putting herself through school and starting her own business, a vocational rehabilitation company; gave her sons their first video camera at age 12
  • 1981 Moved with mother and brother to Pomona, CA, when they were nine
  • 1984 Received first video camera at age 12 and began making short films with his brother
  • 1993 Made feature debut as director, producer and story writer (all shared with brother Albert), Menace II Society ; earned an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best First Feature
  • 1993 With brother Albert, co-founded a the Rap/R&B record label, Underworld Records
  • 1995 Co-directed second film with brother Albert, Dead Presidents
  • 1999 Co-directed with brother Albert, the documentary film American Pimp, about the underground pimp culture and exploitation of women; premiered at Sundance
  • 2001 Co-directed the film adaptation of Alan Moore s graphic novel, From Hell, about the Jack the Ripper murders in England; starred Johnny Depp and Heather Graham
  • 2004 Made solo directing debut with several episodes of the American version of Touching Evil on the USA Network; brother Albert was an executive producer
  • 2005 Directed the A&E TV-movie, Knights of the South Bronx
  • 2010 Re-teamed with brother Allen to direct the post-apocalyptic drama, Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington
  • Co-directed (with brother Albert) music videos for rap artists Tone Loc and Tupac Shakur
  • When asked to make a How To film for a school assignment, they complied the short film, How to Be a Burglar

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