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What is the name of the convenience store clerk in the Simpsons?

What is the name of the convenience store clerk in the Simpsons?
-Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (name ethnicity Indian American)

Simpsons Travia Abouts :::
1) What is Lisa's favorite cartoon?
    The Happy Little Elves (If you said "Itchy and Scratchy," you are also right.)
2) What is Bart's favorite cartoon?
    Itchy and Scratchy
3) Who is Lisa's musical idol?
    Bleedin' Gums Murphy
4) What is the school Principal's name?
    Seymour Skinner
5) What are the names of Marge's sisters?
    Patty and Selma
6) Which one has devoted her life to celibacy?
7) What is the name of the convenience store clerk?
8) What does Krusty the Clown endorse?
    Pork Products
9) What is the name of Homer's favorite Bar?
    Moe's Tavern
10) What is the full name of the founder of Springfield?
    Jebadiah Obediah Zacharia Jedediah Springfield
11) What was the name of the three-eyed fish?
12) What is Marge's maiden name?
13) What is Homer's favorite food?
    Pork Chops
14) What is Homer's boss's name?
    Charles Montgomery Burns
15) What was his (Homer's boss) campaign jingle?
    "Only a moron wouldn't cast his vote for Monty Burns!"
16) What is the Simpson's dog's name?
    Santa's Little Helper
17) What was the name of the space aliens' book?
    How to Cook for Forty Humans
18) What instrument does Lisa play?
19) Who was the voice of Homer's half-brother?
    Danny DeVito
20) What did Bart's tattoo say?
21) Complete this phrase: 'I'm Bart Simpson, ...'
    'who the hell are you?'
22) What is Homer's favorite Beer?
23) Who wrote the theme music?
    Danny Elfman
24) What is the Bus driver's name?
25) What is '20 tons and 4 stories of car crunching, firebreathing, prehistoric insanity'?
26) How old is Bart?
27) What did Bart and Lisa sing in the Karaoke bar in the sushi restaurant?
    Theme song to 'Shaft'
28) How did Bart get kicked out of heaven?
    Spit over the side of the escalator
29) What year did Homer and Marge meet?
30) What did Bart use to defoliate the school yard?
    Sodium Tetrasulfate
31) Who is the voice of Marge?
    Julie Kavner
32) What is the name of the Governor?
    Mary Bailey
33) Who was Marge's bowling instructor?
34) What was the name of Krusty's evil companion?
    Sideshow Bob
35) What is the full name of the Simpson's family doctor?
    Dr. Julius Hibert
36) Which of the following movies were not referenced in various episodes: The Karate Kid, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vertigo
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
37) What did Homer get when he was promoted? (The key to ___________________)
    the Executive Washroom
38) On what TV show did the Simpson's originate?
    the Tracy Ullman show
39) What was the name of Homer's hair chemical solution?
40) In what sector of the nuclear power plant does Homer work?
41) What was the code name of the Albanian spy that stayed with the Simpson's when Bart went to France?
42) Who won the miniature golf tournament?
    It was a draw
43) What was the name of Homer's confidante and one-time secretary?
44) How did the Simpson's pay for their family therapy session?
    Hocked their TV
45) What was the name of the doctor who conducted the family therapy?
    Dr. Marvin Monroe
46) What is the Reverend's name?
47) Who is the girlfriend of the Sushi chef?
    Ms. Krabapple
48) What foreign language does Bart speak?
49) What is the name of Homer's boss's assistant?
50) Which of the following was not a safety violation at the Nuclear power plant: Plutonium rod used as paperweight, Chewing gum used to seal leak in coolant tank, Monitoring station unmanned, Heavy water piped through restrooms.
    Heavy Water..

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