Friday, March 4, 2011

Zendaya Coleman ethnicity ethnic background

Zendaya Coleman ethnicity is African American , Dutch.
She was born in Oakland, California U.S.A. in September 1, 1996 so she 15 years old.
The Sweet actress so cute:)

Zendaya Coleman
Zendaya Coleman weight is 50 kg. Her height is 170 cm. Race:White...

2010–present Shake It Up! Raquel "Rocky" Blue Lead role
2009 Kidz Bop: 'Hot n Cold' "Kidz Bop" dancer Music video

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cool. She is totally flat chested unlike I who wears a d 34. Andddd Im only 15.

Alexandra Bianca Bishop

Who cares b**ch. I'm 19 and I'm a 34 b. So what. She making money and you're not.


Ok you need to check your information because i was born May 17, 1996 and I am 14 years old. Either you have her birthday wrong or she is TURNING 15.

She is only 14. Anyone born in 1996 would be turning fifteen this year. It's march and her birthday is september first.. so she is still fourteen

She is a really good actress. It doesnt matter if she has a small chest. You go Zendaya!!!!!!!

so what if she's flat chested? She's famous and successful unlike your stupid ass making fun of her, so shut up.

Zendaya ur SOOOOOOOO HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm.. she is not white idiots..

who the fuck cares if shes flat chest....i bet shes way prettier than you are so shut the hell up...nd yeah i think mixed people are cool

Yah man shut the hell up she has money unlike u probably stell ask ur mom for money u stupid bitch

U soooooooo hot and same with bella and I watch your show alot

U soooooooo hot and same with bella and I watch ur show a lot love u guys soooooooo much

U soooooooo hot and I watch ur show a lot

And so what if she's flat? Am about to turn 15 and am flat 2!!! big deal! u think your bra size decides where u go in life? well look at her: she's beautiful, funny and talented; so i guess it doesn't!! And if your bra size is what defines you and makes you popular, then you got a prob!

Btw! i just think she's awesomeeeee!

She is very beautiful and u can't change that I'm a guy and guy don't go after girls with big chest they li an how sucessful u are and how smart and see if u know wat u r doing in life so fuck off u bitch

I like her she's so pretty. And she is just a lil girl still

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