Saturday, March 5, 2011

Justin Bieber ethnicity

What is Justin Bieber ethnicity?
Justin Bieber ethnicity is White - French and German.
Full name's:Justin Drew Bieber
Justin Bieber was born in Ontario, Canada in March 1, 1994 so he is 17 years old. His height is 173 cm. He has brown dark eye and brown light hair. His religion is Christian. Justin Bieber nationality is Canadian.
Who is Justin Bieber dating?
Selena Gomez
Father: Jeremy Bieber (b. circa 1973)
Mother: Patricia Mallette ("Pattie", web designer, b. circa 1974, div. 1997)
Sister: Jazmyn Bieber (half-sister, b. 2008 to Jeremy Bieber's second wife)
Brother: Jaxon Bieber (half-brother, b. 2009 to Jeremy Bieber's second wife)
Girlfriend: Jasmine Villegas (pop singer, b. 7-Dec-1993, dated 2010)
Girlfriend: Selena Gomez (actress, dated 2010-)

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