Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aubery Graham (Drake The Rapper)

What ethnicity is Drake The Rapper?
Drake The Rapper ethnic background African Canadian - Black Canadian.

Aubery Graham
Full Name at Birth: Aubery Drake Graham
Other Names: Aubery Graham
Wheelchair Jimmy
Religion: Jewish
Nationality: Canadian
Associated People: Uncle (Aubery'suncle is musician Teenie Hodges)
What is Favorite Movies: Favorite Movies Are Rounders And Two Can Play That Game
Favorite TV Shows: Aubery Graham Played A Character Name "jimmy Brooks" In Degrassi
Favorite Songs: Replacement Girl (Aubery Graham) [2007]
Favorite Books: Favorite Book Is The Autobiography Of Quincy Jones

Jews in the African diaspora ▬ Canadian people of American descent ▬ Canadian rappers.

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