Sunday, August 21, 2011

Donald Trump

Donald John Trump was born in New York City, New York, United States on 14-Jun-1946.
Age's: 65

Donald Trump
Nationality: American
Religion: Presbyterian
Height: 1.91 Meter

Donald Trump ethnicity is German, Scottish / White.

Donald Trump net worth 2011 (forbes): 3 Billion Dollars
How much does Donald Trump make a year?: 60 Million Dollars

Wikipedia Categories: American billionaires | American business writers | American chief executives | American entertainment industry businesspeople | American game show hosts | American people of German descent | American people of Scottish descent | American Presbyterians | American real estate businesspeople | Businesspeople from New York City | Businesspeople in the casino industry | Conspiracy theorists | Fordham University alumni | Living people | New York Military Academy alumni | New York Republicans | Participants in American reality television series | People from Queens | People from Manhattan | People from Palm Beach, Florida | Trump family | United States Football League executives | United States presidential candidates, 2000 | Wharton School alumni.

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