Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jared Allen ethnicity

Jared Allen ethnicity, heritage, race, religion, ethics, hair and eye color, background, weight and height.
- Mini Biography -
Jared Allen is a 44 years old Football player from United States.
He was born in Dallas , TX under the name Jared Allen.
Jared Allen's birthday is Saturday, April 03, 1982 & His star sign is Virgo.
His height is 6'6'' (198 cm) - weight: 270 lbs (122 kg), He has a Black hair & Blue Eyes.

jared allen vikings mullet wallpaper packers hair
Jared Allen's build is Athletic.
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Who is Jared Allen getting married to?
What are Jared Allens stats for this year?
What is jared allen's celebration called?
Where is Jared Allen from?
Where was Jared Allen born?

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