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Jeff Gordon ethnicity

Jeffrey Michael Gordon ethnicity, heritage, race, religion, ethics, hair and eye color, background, weight and height.
- Mini Biography -
Jeff Gordon is a 40 years old Auto Racing player from United States.
He was born in Vallejo, California under the name Jeff Gordon.
Jeff Gordon's birthday is August 4, 1971 & His star sign is Leo.
His height is 5' 8" (173 cm), He has a Brown - Dark hair & Brown - Light Eyes.
Jeff Gordon's build is Athletic.
Religion:Born-Again Christian
Wife: Jennifer Brooke Sealy (m. 26-Oct-1994, div. 13-Jun-2003)
Girlfriend: Amanda Church (model, together in 2004)
Wife: Ingrid Vandebosch (model, m. 7-Nov-2006, one daughter)

jeff gordon 2009 paint scheme 24 car 09 signature
Daughter: Ella Sofia (b. 20-Jun-2007)
→→→Career History←←←
Endorsement of Chevrolet Monte Carlo (2001)
Food Lion 1997
Endorsement of Frito-Lay Fritos (1999-2000)
Endorsement of General Motors OnStar (2007)
McNeil Consumer Healthcare Tylenol
Endorsement of Sprint Nextel 2007
Endorsement of Pepsi 1999
Endorsement of Pizza Hut
Endorsement of Quaker State (2002)
Endorsement of Unilever Klondike Bar (2002)
Marrow Foundation Board of Directors
Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee
Born-Again Christian
Kentucky Colonel

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